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Home delivery service for your precious experience

Souvenirs remind you of wonderful holidays even after many years. Sometimes while travelling, you might even find something interesting that is not available in your own country and would love to take it home with you but your luggage is already fully packed.

With Vedia Claus, you can leave your purchased souvenirs to the shopkeeper for delivery, and continue your trip without the stress of extra luggage. The purchases will then be delivered to the address you have provided.

Not only can you send your purchases straight to your home, but Vedia Claus also offers you a shopping guide to the brick-and-mortar stores nearby. With this guide you can find many interesting stores with unique variations of merchandise. You can use filters and keywords to find shops that are interesting to you!

What does Claus do for you?

Providing delivery service for your souvenirs
Views from the Claus app
Shopping guide

Search interesting shops via Claus shopping guide and visit them to find the most memorable gifts

Map Service

Check the shops near you from the map, and let the navigator guide you to the shops you want to visit

Claus QR code

After filling your profile information and shipping address you will get a Claus QR code to easily transfer your shipping address to the shopkeepers.

Delivery & tracking

Get purchased gifts home delivered and track them on their way across the world

Use Claus during your trip

To enter Claus shopping guide, please register as a Vedia Claus user here. After registration you can get access to the digital shopping guide and you can start searching for the most interesting shops. Notice that many of the shops are unique, and you can only find their products in that particular shop. From Claus stores you can send packages home or to your friends. The use of Vedia Claus web app is free of charge, you only pay for delivery.

How much does Claus delivery cost?

On your Claus web app home page you will find a delivery cost calculator, which you can use to check the cost of delivery to your country.


If your items will be shipped with Vedia Claus to a non-EU country, you are entitled to purchase with VAT-0% prices. For example, an item with 100€ price tag would cost you only 80.65€ (example based on items with Finland’s most common VAT rate which is 24%). However, you are responsible for the possible duties and taxes in your own country. Please check duty and taxation rules from the destination country’s customs website for further information.