Welcome Shopkeepers

Easy delivery for your customers from far away

A traveller walks around in your shop, admires your stunning selection, and grabs a charming item. Realism strikes as the traveller begins to think about how to bring the item home.

With Vedia Claus you can tackle typical deal breakers like ”I can’t” or ”it won’t fit in my luggage”. And as a bonus – Claus is free of charge for shopkeepers.

What does Claus do?

Vedia Claus is a web app home delivery service. With Claus you can send traveller ’s purchases worldwide and create the related documents.

Digital Showcase

One customized page for each shopkeeper to edit shop info and upload highlight product photos

Map Service

Every Claus shopkeeper appears on a digital map that is used by travellers on their shopping trips.


Claus prepares the necessary transportation documents which only need to be printed and included in the package.


Vedia Claus delivers goods which are purchased from your shop to the customer’s home worldwide.

Views from Claus app

Creating a new shipment

Four steps to get the delivery done

Step 1

Scan customer’s QR code for shipping data

Step 2

Weigh, choose the package size and check the delivery price

Step 3

Type the product info and price, choose the VAT %

Step 4

Confirm the order and print the documents

Notice! If your customer ships with Claus from Finland to a non-EU country (except Norway), you can sell your products VAT-0%. Claus takes care of this for you!

Why choose Vedia Claus?

Vedia Claus – familiarly Claus – is a Finnish service application designed to complement the range of services for brick-and-mortar stores and increase their visibility and sales. Receiving the package later on at home brings up good memories of the vacation. It also reminds of your store: good service often makes the traveler mention their experience to their acquaintances.

Claus is now looking for stores to join the service

At the moment we are mainly looking for shopkeepers from Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Rovaniemi.

I would like to be contacted by

You can also send us an email to claus@vedia.fi or call +358 40 8333 770