Q&A of Claus

Frequently asked questions

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How to register as a traveller?

You can start registration here.

How to pay for the Claus service?

The Claus delivery will be paid to the shopkeeper at the same time when you pay your purchases.

Where can I find Claus services?

Claus service is available in the shops registered as Claus users. The list of shops and map can be found on Claus web app after registration.

How to create my address list?

After registration you can open my profile page and then click My delivery addresses. Here you can add new delivery addresses.

How much does Claus cost?

Use of Claus web app is free of charge. You pay only for the Claus delivery fee, which depends on the destination country, package size and weight. You can check the estimated delivery cost on the delivery cost calculator which can be found on your Claus web app.

How does the VAT-0% issue work in Claus?

If your items will be shipped with Vedia Claus to non-EU country, you are entitled to purchase with VAT 0 % prices. For example, an item with 100€ price tag would cost you at the store only 80.65€ (example based on items with Finland’s most common VAT rate which is 24%). However, you are responsible for the possible duties and taxes in your own country. Please check duty and taxation rules from the destination country’s customs website for further information.

How to tackle transportation damage?

Vediafi Oy is responsible and will handle only transportation related claims. With product related issues, kindly contact the relevant store (see also Your responsibilities).
If the package is visibly damaged upon receipt of the shipment, add a note to waybill and send a claim to info@claus.fi within 3 days.
If the damage is not visible, make a written claim within 3 days of receipt of the goods and send it to info@claus.fi.
In the case of lost shipment a claim must be sent to info@claus.fi within 25 days of shipping date.   
Please check here for more information.


How to implement Claus in my shop?

You can leave your contacts here. We will contact you and arrange distance meeting with you to tell more about how to start using Claus. You can also directly send us an email info@claus.fi.

How much does Claus cost?

Use of Claus web app is free of charge. Customer pays for the Claus delivery fee to your shop and Vediafi will invoice the delivery fees once per month.

How to pack the purchase? How to ensure proper packing?

You can utilize Claus boxes or your own boxes. Sufficient amount of filling is recommended.

How to tackle transportation damage?

Send an email to info@claus.fi. Vediafi will handle the claims.

To whom can I sell with VAT 0 %?

For travellers having the delivery address outside EU (except Norway).