More about Claus

Have you ever felt that your luggage is not enough, or didn’t want to carry everything with you while travelling?

Welcome to Vedia Claus!

Vedia Claus is a home delivery service for travellers! You can use it to ship your purchases from assigned shops to your home, worldwide.

You travel – We deliver

All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Register to Vedia Claus web app
  2. Fill in your home address and profile info
  3. Use Claus to find the shop you like and visit it
  4. Find the perfect gifts or souvenirs from the shop
  5. Let the shopkeeper scan your Claus code
  6. Pay the purchase and delivery to the shopkeeper
  7. Continue your trip with ease! You can track the package via your profile

Vedia Claus is like a modern Santa Claus – Finnish superhero, which makes sure that all the packages will find their way to the destinations safely.
Claus doesn’t only deliver souvenirs or gifts, it delivers memories.