Nordic Turf – Artificial turf green specialist trusts Claus home delivery service

As the name suggests, Nordic Turf specializes in the sales and installation of first-class artificial turf greens. The company supplies and installs artificial turfs for public places and private homes. The company has the most extensive experience in the construction of indoor golf ranges and artificial turf greens in Finland. Many professional golfers also recommend Nordic Turf’s artificial turfs.

Although artificial turf is still mainly associated with golf, it is increasingly being installed in backyards, terraces and shop premises. In 2018, the extent of turf installed for non-golf related uses was already ten times higher than that of golf turf.

Quality and customer satisfaction in focus

In golf, successful performance is based on accuracy and quality. Even a minor flaw in the lawn or its installation can significantly affect the play. For Nordic Turf, customer satisfaction and quality are the key. High-quality materials and a polished installation ensure that the lawn lasts beautiful and flawless for a long time.

The founder of Nordic Turf, Jarno Saure, has over 15 years of work experience as an artificial turf installer, and most of the artificial turfs in Finland have been installed by him. Craftmanship and solid experience guarantee a beautiful and impeccable result on every installation, be it a sports field or a private yard landscaping. Thanks to the high-quality products and first-class installation work, Nordic Turf has already acquired the undisputed position as the number one in the Nordic countries.

Customer satisfaction is everything for Jarno Saure. “After the installation is complete, it’s great to hear from the customer that even though the expectations were high because of the grapevine, the end result was even better than expected.”

Artificial turf now just a click away

From the Nordic Turf online store, customers can easily order high-quality artificial turfs for home use. At the click of a button, you will find artificial turfs ranging from golf and tennis lawns to terrace lawns and ready-to-install turf greens. Nordic Turf also offers design and consulting services for the construction of artificial turfs, as well as installation and maintenance services.

Quality is equally important in home delivery

For Nordic Turf it’s important that the quality cherished by the company is also conveyed in e-commerce deliveries. That is why Nordic Turf has chosen the Claus home delivery service to handle its e-commerce deliveries. Thanks to Claus, the customers don’t have to worry about delivery schedules or the haul of heavy packages from the post office to the home, as the delivery service Claus delivers the packages from the warehouse to the door, flexibly and reliably.

Claus is also a convenient choice for companies, as the service is easy to take into use and the price is right. Sending packages is made easy and deliveries leave smoothly on time. If there are any challenges, Claus will handle them in an exemplary manner. “The Claus home delivery service is a flexible and time-saving solution for the entrepreneur. With the service, orders can be passed on quickly, and we don’t have to carry packages to the post office or do the paperwork – time and effort are saved. I can sincerely recommend the Claus delivery service! ”, recommends Jarno Saure of Nordic Turf.


Nordic Turf Ltd online store

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If you’re searching for a yarn store with a professional service and knowledge of the products, FiinaNeule is the place to visit. This store specializing in high-quality, carefully chosen yarns and handicraft products is located on Simonkatu. The store’s current owner, Anne Laitasalmi, found her way to an ownership of a yarn store via a hobby. ”It was almost a necessity to turn my hobby into a profession since handicrafts took so much time from work,” Anne laughs. Despite of the small size of FiinaNeule, the store fits diverse variety of charming yarns in multiple colours, as well as many kinds of handicraft tools and accessories. New products arrive throughout the year but larger variety comes in during spring and autumn when the season changes. Desires and suggestions from the customers regarding the selection are appreciated and taken in!

Sustainable yarn

”This summer’s new product is a yarn half made from recycled cotton and  half from plastic bottles aka recycled polyester”, Anne mentions.
”Yarn manufacturers have increasingly started to produce yarn from recycled materials. Sure, it’s easy to recycle cotton, but the recycling of synthetic fibres has increased as well,” Anne says. ”Polyester is also used  anew, and that’s a big thing. It’s also more common to research the yarn factories and their environmental impact nowadays. Ramifications of the yarns are major.”

Anne is in dismay about the prevailing throw-away society. ”There are clothes sold in stores for five or ten euros that endure for about two weeks and are then thrown away into trash. Full collections of clothes are also getting disposed of because they change frequently and new clothes are designed and made too rapidly. The discharges that result from the production and disposal are huge,” Anne sighs. ”I hope this is the kind of a topic that gets paid more attention from now on since huge amount of those clothes are being burnt all the time. Recycling and usage of the durable yarn and using clothes made from it should be preferred since those last much longer than two weeks.”

Products and services

From FiinaNeule you can find Gedifra, Regia, Rowan, Schachenmayr, Sandnes Garn, DMC and Mondia -products, and many other yarn brands as well as many kinds of different tools. Their selection also has Succaplokki and Klipsutin -products. Succaplokki is a Finnish small business which produces knitting tools from recycled material, and Klipsutin makes jewelry kind of products which you can attach buttonless cardigan’s hems together with as an example.

With its large variety of products FiinaNeule strives to provide customers with yarns for many different uses, options as well as tools to make fluffy dreams come true. FiinaNeule provides good quality service and professional guiding. As a new service they use Vedia Claus EU which can be used to send purchases with, straight home or to a friend anywhere in EU area.

Business hours and location

FiinaNeule has served customers already over 15 years in the centre of Helsinki. FiinaNeule is located in Kamppi, address Simonkatu 12. Shopping centre of Kamppi, which also has a bus and a metro station, is located right behind the corner and with a tram car it’s possible to get right in front of the FiinaNeule store.

Business hours:


Currently we are looking for shopkeepers from Uusimaa, Tampere, Turku and Rovaniemi. Fill your contact info here >>