Smart shopping — 4 tips on how to buy quality clothes

Have you ever thought of how you make a first impression on a person? Walking in a shop, an office or down the street, you notice other people. At the same time, unknowingly, you also create your first impression on the person. This impression fully forms on the person’s demeanour, before speaking a word. We communicate our values, attitude and lifestyle by our demeanour and clothing choices.

We wanted to find out how to get clothes that accent your unique personality and  interviewed a professional of fashion and clothing field and asuna clothing shop’s founder Sari Alamettälä.

”Clothes are like a business card, which we use to represent ourselves. ”
– Sari Alamettälä

Choose quality and multipurpose styles

The significance of clothes comes up in everyday life social events. Nevertheless, we usually think about party wear when investing in clothing. Economically smarter would be to use the money for good quality casual wear.

Sari Alamettälä assures that investing in quality casual wear is the foundation of dressing up. When you find quality everyday wear, it remains in your repertoire for many years. Quality casual wear item is also versatile because it changes easily to a celebration. “You can make an item of clothing more glamorous with accessories and jewellery. This is how you can use the same item even at a party by changing, for example, shoes, jacket or a purse”, Sari affirms. You can also refresh a classic piece by pairing it up with fast-fashion finds so that it shows more personality. 

Learn to spot quality

Sari Alamettälä advises that the clothes’ material and cut should show the designer’s vision. Thanks to the designer’s vision, these clothes don’t usually age. It is also important to check the material, the work quality and recyclability when choosing a clothing item. Good quality and timeless design guarantee a lifespan of multiple years when handling right. Quality items are also easy to sell as second hand and if used till the end the materials can be recycled instead of thrown away. 

Flatter your body, don’t just follow the fashion

“It doesn’t matter what is in fashion. The most important thing is that the clothing highlights you and your best features”, Sari Alamettälä advises. Fast fashion has brought us bulk fashion and self-service stores. The need to belong to a group and the lack of service and skill has caused more and more people to dress themselves unflattering. To reach the full potential of clothes, you must consider your body’s measurements while choosing the items. The length of your back and height of your waistline seem like small details but in reality, they have a huge impact on the fit of the piece and the way it dresses you.

Try something new!

Try finding your style from small boutiques. “People should try and break their boundaries. Check out like, oh, I could do that”, Sari ponders. From small boutiques, you can find unique clothes, that you don’t see with every bypasser. You don’t even have to make choices alone because a professional is always beside you helping and guiding you when choosing the clothes and trying them on. The best part is that they can focus especially on you and your needs.

Shopping in a small shop is also fast because the experienced eyes can perceive your measurements in an instant, and will offer you only flattering clothing choices. “You don’t even have to wait in line, so you won’t waste time”, Sari points out.

asuna — A small shop full of unique clothing

You might want to listen to Sari Alamettälä’s advice because she is a clothing field’s expert who has worked in different tasks all over Finland for many years. Nowadays, Sari manages her own clothing store in Helsinki.

asuna specializes in women’s unique casual clothing. The goal is to consider every customer’s individual needs and offer clothing fit for their personal style.

Service in asuna is always first class. While choosing clothes, Sari takes into consideration the customers individual needs. Sometimes Sari can even remember her customers closet and offer new clothes based on previous purchases and other clothes.

In addition to numerous Finnish customers, asuna has many foreign regulars who love the exceptional shopping experience with Sari and visit the store often. However, due to the often long-distance and limited suitcase space, it might not be possible to shop whenever and all the nice things you have set your eyes on. Now, dear customers, asuna has heard your requests and is offering Claus home delivery service. Claus makes your life easier and delivers your baggage from the shop straight to your doorstep – anywhere in the world. And you don’t have to worry about your shopping!


You can find asuna from Fredrik’s street, which is one of the most beautiful streets in Helsinki centrer. It is full of small shops and you’ll have wonderful time there!

Addess: Fredrikinkatu 24, 00120 Helsinki

Opening hours:

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