Claus Story

Vedia Claus is like a modern Santa Claus – Finnish superhero, who makes sure that all the packages will find their way to their destinations. It is also close to Claus’ heart that packages can safely be delivered to new homes. Claus is a modern transport service that combines available information to find the best route to the destination.

Claus delivers more than souvenirs or gifts, it delivers memories

While travelling, whether on holiday or business, you will try new things, experience exciting moments and from these you’ll make precious memories. Even though the trip will not last forever, the memories will stay. Pictures and souvenirs are a great way to bring back wonderful memories many years after the trip. That’s why Vedia Claus is ready to help you to get your souvenirs and gifts delivered so that you can both enjoy lighter travelling and recall memories long after the trip.

Who we are

We are Vediafi Ltd. – Finnish company devoted to enabling smarter logistics. Vedia Claus is part of a larger entity that Vediafi has been developing. The aim is to combine the information resources of different operators to move goods efficiently, safely and without unnecessary waiting and paperwork. We work hard with leading logistics providers, technology companies, and authorities to provide the smoothest logistics services globally.