Travelling ahead?

New delivery service for your trip

Have you ever felt that your luggage is not enough, or don’t want to carry everything with your while travelling? Vedia Claus is a home delivery service for travellers! You can use it to ship your purchases from assigned shops to your home, worldwide.

You travel - We deliver, Vedia Claus

See how it works !

Vedia Claus is a web app shopping guide to the nearby stores where the Claus home delivery service is in use.  It makes shipping purchased items worldwide easy so that you can enjoy travelling!

Ready for Claus?

Vedia Claus is to be launched soon! The registration for travellers as well as the list and map of Claus partner shops will be released so stay tuned for the latest Claus news and updates by subscribing to the Vedia Claus newsletter!

4 Steps of Claus

Easy delivery for your purchases

Step 1

Register, fill your shipping address and get your own Claus QR-code

Step 2

Find interesting shops via Claus shopping guide and navigate to the stores near you

Step 3

Choose the items to ship & show your “Claus QR code” to the staff

Step 4

Pay for your purchases and delivery, track your package anytime


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